February’s Gift

February’s Gift

blue flowers

This is something that I thought about in February, and have been pondering about occasionally ever since. It concerns an image that becomes ever more present around the second month of the year because it hosts Valentines Day; dreaded by some, loved by others, ignored by many.

I have always put myself in to the ignorer box. In all honesty, this was mainly to avoid disappointment in not getting anything from my Valentine. I was in a lazy six year relationship that did not believe in such scheduled romance and believed that love should be shown in a more spontaneous manner. I agreed entirely, however, nothing happened, at least, no romance. Now out of that ditch, and in a much happier, independent place, I still cannot help but melt a little when I see men, around February the 14th, dashing in and out of florists searching for a pretty bunch of flowers, coming out of the corner shop with a box of chocolates or, with great bravery, brandishing a lingerie bag.

Unfortunately I will probably condemn my entire sex when I say that I am not bothered, but actually, a little something will always be greatly appreciated; women like to ask men to read their minds sometimes. I still completely agree that Valentines Day is a commercial holiday created to make us spend money unnecessarily, but I remain firm in the belief that seeing a man with a bunch of flowers will melt many a icy heart. In our fast paced modern lives, sometimes romance is pushed aside, and if some couples need a fixed day (I say couple because a man should be treated as well as a woman) then so be it. If you’re single, then appreciate that at least love exists somewhere. So… here’s to Valentines Day!


Image courtesy of http://fin6.com/2013/12/blue-flowers/

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