A Country Weekend Achievement List…


It’s always lovely to take time away from the Big Smoke and find yourself somewhere that is pretty much 50% green and 50% blue… not London’s 50% grey, 50% other. The air is thick and sweet with the smell of summer pollen, a lovely change from the cocktail of cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. Whilst on my long weekend, which in the end felt far too short, I found myself doing things, seeing things, and being surprised by things, that made my time in the country feel really, well, like the coun’ry

Insect bites: 5
Insect bites not found yet: probably 11
Spiders found inside dressing gown (whilst on): 1
Butterflies saved from conservatory: 3
Flies (deliberately, sorry) not saved from conservatory: countless 
Ant’s nests sat on: 2
Country pubs visited: 3
Runner beans picked: 24
Fluffy floaty fairy seed things attempted to catch: 6
Fluffy floaty fairy seed things caught: 1
Cobwebs walked into: 3
Deer seen: 3 (I think)
Miscellaneous bugs found on me: 4
Bug overreactions: 4
Home-grown veg sent away with: 1 (cucumber, wonky)
Spiders found in clothing but shaken off before put on because one learnt one’s lesson the first time: 1 …

The culprit cowers…

Yeah, it was a big'un!
Yeah, it was a big’un!

… don’t worry, he lived.

If you have any achievements then, please, add them on!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. KS Counselor says:

    I’m looking to get away for a little private countryside soon too. Great post.

    1. fayelucinda8 says:

      Oh great, enjoy! Thanks, and look out for those pesky spiders.

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