Should we Still Believe in Fairytale?

Once Upon A Time, it was believed that a man and a woman would fall in love and live happily ever after. I wonder how true this really is, forgetting times past when women were extremely unequal and marriage was for social gain or monetary safely, but considering our modern age instead?

I Googled ‘Fairytale’ as one often does to gain perspective and specificity, and one of the definitions, aside from the magical make believe, was…

A fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive.

Thanks Google definitions! That’s a little frightening. Fairytale is deception. Maybe the point of a fairytale is that it gives us an escape, a mode in which we can believe in happy things which, actually, are not true to life. Is that the deception they refer to? Of course, maybe they are talking of how the brave Prince deceives the Dragon to save the fair Maiden. Who knows. Perhaps both are suitable, but the former stands out to me more than the latter.

I have always wanted to believe in the Fairytale ending, that it is possible even in an age (and a city like London) where maybe love does not conquer all, does not come first, and does not mean the most in a relationship. But should we continue to believe in it? I’d like to say yes, I’d like to remain the Eternal Optimist, but it’s not so easy when other twenty-something women fret over their relationships and continually reel out failure after failure as affection evaporates into nothing.

Is London a tough test case? Its financial and residential market sets it up as almost another country compared to the rest of England. Should we do the same for love for the twenty-somethings in this fair city? No longer can we hope for a Mr Willoughby to come and save us on his white steed, you just can’t ride a horse around so willy-nilly in London Proper. London provides us with the opportunity for love at any point, it is doing its best, but we are so consumed with our lives in the present, our ambitions, our technology, that maybe we will pass by those opportunities without affording the time, or even the bravery, to just have a peak.

I believe that woman-kind is often guilty of over thinking. I know that I try to simplify situations and circumstances when my girl friends offer me their current worries, but I cannot hop inside the mind of a man. Oh how dearly I wish I could. I’d love to know really how different they are to women. As girls, we have often been warned about the men who, will just want this, will not like you if you do that, but surely we’re old enough now (mid-twenties plus) to be able to avoid such sex specific generalisations and just be both, well, human?

From where I’m standing, men and women are different. We have different ideas of our Fairytale ending, but I am sure (hopeful, at least) that they are essentially, eventually, compatible… you must just find the right Prince. Many a Disney Prince would make me cringe where other women would swoon. I will always hold a candle for that Willoughby when the mild sensibilities of a Colonel Brandon or an Edward Ferrars just wouldn’t do it for me… right now.

Maybe the modern day Fairytale consists of finding that person you love through all the odds, whether you find them organically of through an internet dating website. My hopes are that the Fairytale still exists, that a wonderful relationship will not be called a whirlwind (whirlwinds, after all, stop blowing and move on to yet untouched pastures at some point). There are as many types of love as there are colours of our sky. But the Fairytale love that I do not want to believe is extinct is the core-shaker, the one that makes you light as air. All of these feelings may not last throughout the love, but when they subside, you are left with other qualities like trust and admiration which are just as important.

Let us believe in Fairytale!

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  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Of course we must still believe….this is why we have imagination. It doesn’t mean we live in a fairytale world, it just means we will know a good thing when we see it!

    1. fayelucinda8 says:

      Well exactly! I’m going to keep my hope and jolly up my friends to believe again too!

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