Coats like Dressing Gowns?

This winter, there has been an influx of coats which look disturbingly similar to the cosy, worn by many, loved by all, dressing gown. Maybe that’s been a missed market, combining the two, but are we sold on the look?

From designers to the high-street, long, woollen coats with large open collars and a cinching fabric tie-belts (which, for me, is the feature most reminiscent of the humble dressing gown) are gracing our Autumn/Winter collections.

Burberry coatBurberry coat 2

Burberry, I am a fervent fan. This brushed wool topcoat looks wonderfully stylish on the catwalk when partnered with other statement pieces and some much needed high heels to quieten the otherwise overwhelming nature of this type of coat. They have, however, opted for a thick statement belt rather than the original tie which moves this away from the dressing gown and towards something with much more style. (This coat, £1,795.)


H&M; our first high street representative, have their own answer to the brushed wool-blend coat. Though a beautiful, vibrant red, the relaxed, smooth collar, tie, cuffs and an abundance of snuggly wool, alpaca, mohair (and polyester and polyamide) make this too much like a dressing gown. Bet it’s cosy though! (This coat, £99.99.)


Jaeger; a sophisticated design house which flourishes with classic, flattering cuts. This camel coat (a shade that is everywhere this a/w) made from an alpaca and wool blend stays true to their heritage styles. It is a dominating coat, however, as the long length almost skims the ankles on a tall, heel wearing, model. A little too conservative yet overwhelming for me. And there it is again, the subtle dressing gown connotations, this time with a more sophisticated, brandy-before-bed, kind of style. (This coat, £599.)


Zara; a well loved high street store, has joined in the dressing gown and camel shade battle. Though perhaps an easier to wear and more relaxed cut than the Jaeger coat, the simplicity of a coat with little fitting or sculpting in the form would suggest that more would have to be done to elevate the look from just-another-high-street-coat. (This coat, £159.)

I’m not sure I’m convinced about this particular style of coat. As Burberry have shown, it can look great with the right accompaniments and maybe some stilt-like shoes to boost you up. However, being slightly vertically challenged, I would think that if I wore one of these calf skimming statements, I would look like I was getting ready for bed, not getting ready for a night on the blisteringly cold town. A style that I’ll give a miss, but if there are any giraffes among us, go for it!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sigh…..I so wish I could be a fashion clothes horse!

    1. fayelucinda8 says:

      Me too, I’m more of a pony… almost a Shetland.

      1. I think I would be a Clydesdale…..though not nearly so majestic

      2. fayelucinda8 says:

        Haha! Just looked up Clydesdale… what a wonderful image! We are two very different horses.

  2. I have a coat with a collar and tie just like this (though it’s not as long as these ones) that I’ve had for nearly 20 years – always ahead of the trend, me 😉

    1. fayelucinda8 says:

      Haha, so ahead of the trends! Classics, they’re great. I reckon a slightly shorter one would be much easier to wear all the time too 🙂

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