I am looking into a little study of Mammoths. They’re elephants with lots of hair and, therefore, have such great potential for fun, characterful illustrations!

This quick, rough sketch is a starting point for, hopefully, some more developed sketches later on. To get to this point, I initially did finer sketches concentrating on the physical form of the animal. Then I slowly exaggerated certain features… The high shoulders, the low hips/hindquarters, the trunk and, of course, lots of that hair! I think he’s got quite a charming yet unkempt air!



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  1. Best not lose the tusks or he will bear a striking resemblance to Snuffleupagus! But I love this….I think you could have alot of fun with this guy!

    1. fayelucinda8 says:

      Oh, the days of Sesame Street! Yeah, I’m hoping to have some fun with him, he’s a good base I think.

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