Pretty, Simple, Handmade Card…

I have always, when time has permitted, made birthday, Christmas, and thank you cards. They are a simple, inexpensive way to show thought and consideration.

I love this particular design which is simple, quick and so cute!

Sending My Love...
Sending My Love…

All you need is…

  • White A5 card, folded in half
  • A6 backing colour, I chose brown packing paper as I had it to hand
  • Thick thread or string
  • Coloured card, as many as you fancy
  • PVA or UHU glue

Speedy instructions – Trim the backing card to fit on top of the folded card to leave a boarder. Cut lengths of thread to about four inches, have as many thread pieces as heart balloons (I chose six). Tie the ends of the threads together and glue the knot at the bottom of the page. Spread out the string to where you want to place the cluster of balloons, ends will be covered, and secure with glue where you want the balloon to go. Cut out hearts using the same template and fold in half so they stand away from the surface. Glue hearts on their folds over the threads. Cut any threads that are too long. Then, once dried and secure, write a lovely message inside!

For other variations you could… have all pink/red hearts for a Valentines card, have oval balloons rather than hearts – less feminine, have butterfly or bird shaped balloons – more complex, but will stand out from the card beautifully.

Good luck!

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