Happy Christmas!

Well, dear WordPressers (WordPressees?), night is descending on my Christmas Day but it stops at our door and at our windows and looks in with intrigue, waiting patiently till we’re done. Just as Christmas should be, mine has been spent with family, and whilst some recover from their food induced, or alcohol inspired comas, I sit here writing this. Christmas is tricky; it can be so looked forward to yet the hype that you spend almost a month building can fall short of expectations in that mere 24 hour window like a wind-up toy that won’t work…five minutes winding, a quick whirr and, clang, expended. So Christmas should be spent doing something you love and hopefully with those you love. Yes, presents are a pleasure, food is fabulous, and I will never turn away Santa if he comes down my chimney, but really, it’s about having a day in which to have fun and relax. It’s a shame that today we may need a designated day of the year to get the family together from various corners of the country, but we live busy lives, we do need it.
So, WordPressers, happy Christmas, I hope you’re enjoying your day, in whatever way. (Gotta go now, Gruffalo is starting!)


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