Can we all be just a little in love with Jared Leto?

Jared 3

Alright, I don’t know too much about this chap, Jared Leto, but his angelic yet masculine face just seems to pop up everywhere. I mean everywhere! I’m not a big fan girl, but I’ve noticed him recently, I admire him, appreciate him… perhaps just a little in love. This is my case –

– Firstly, he’s so fashion forward that I think he might be a time traveller. It’s tough to do casual-cool continuously without it looking contrived. But along with this, he manages to maintain a sense of personality within what he wears, something that is essential if you don’t just want to be just a trend follower. After all, our personalities are what make us individual, so they should shine through our clothing choice. Then you have style.

– Secondly, he’s forty-flippin’-three. That’s right, 43. Many people claim that men get more attractive with age. Certainly there is a good case for this… ever heard of Brad Pitt? But then again, there are those day-to-day chaps who don’t have the advantage of expensive facial products, personal trainers, changing your micro-fibre pillowcase every day, and strict diets who don’t look quite so suave in their later years. But anti-ageing secrets aside, Jared Leto is certainly (in my opinion) hitting his prime now. This is of course helped by his bang-on styling and trendy facial hair. That leads me onto something else…

-The Leto hair-do. There are few who could do it so well. It verges on iconic. He has evolved beyond the notorious man-bun (that he has previously sported) and is currently worn by every other person in East London. He manages to maintain masculinity with his designer stubble/ beard hybrid that is uber trendy right now as well as having courageously long ombre hair which makes his face just hark of Greek God. Wondrous.

Jared 4

Jared 5

-Then, of course, we mustn’t forget that he’s the front man of band ’30 Seconds to Mars’ and has acted in little films like ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Heard of it? Yeah… lead actor Matthew McConaughey and supporting actor Jared Leto both brought home Oscars, no biggie. (It’s still on my to-watch list, sorry Jared, I’ll get round to it.) His band-man-character is something that seems to filter into his dress-sense… note the leather jacket and casually tied checked shirt above. Also, he brushes up brilliantly in a suit. It’s a perfected mix of would-be-carefree-masculinity along side trim and smart. A well cut suit is a winner. Bravo Leto.

Jared Leto

-Oh, and just as a wee side note, I hear he has a brilliant bod under all those lovely clothes. Just hearsay of course…

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Yes, yes, I think we can!!! (all be just a little in love with Jared Leto, that is) He is gorgeous ❤
    Enjoyed the post! Thanks for the follow, checking out your blog, as well 🙂

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Ah, thank you very much!

  2. Mm he is pretty handsome! The first, third and last pictures of him are gorg. Not sure about that second photo though lol x

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Yeah, he’s certainly got his own style, I admire that!

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