Happy New Year! …Any Resolutions?

Welcome New Year!

New Year’s Eve arrives then passes and I had a cheery hoohar with friends. We spent December 31st 2014 in an entirely geeky capacity… playing lots of games, card games, and (cringe a little) numerous rounds of ‘Just Dance’ on my friends Wii thing. (I won a lot… I’d like to say I’m a fabulous dancer, but I do question whether my friends’ controllers were broken… I wasn’t that good, was I?) It was a lot of fun, probably more so because we didn’t push ourselves to have a great time because it’s New Year and instead spent the evening with those closest to us, and messaging those who couldn’t be there after the strike of midnight, the clinking of glasses, the hugs and the mumbling of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ who no one actually knows the words to. That’s what the New Year celebration is about, right? Seeing in the year with those you want to see in the year. Sounds funky, but it’s true.

Of course, during the evening we inevitably start discussing resolutions. Oooo, resolutions! It’s a little intimidating sitting there and thinking, hmm, how am I to make this year better than the last, how am I going to improve myself, how am I going to convince myself to stop eating a super sized bar of Cadbury’s chocolate each week? Yep, daunting.

So, rather than thinking to myself, I’m going to lose weight or I’m going to eat less bread, I want to think of the things (not resolutions as such, just things) that I’d like to do more of. I suppose that the reason we make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year (welcome to the fore, 2015) is that a New Year provides us with a new leaf, a fresh page on which to write out the story of our coming year… to make resolutions and have little touches of golden silk that will weave in and out of your patchwork tale of 2015.

I shy away from calling them resolutions because, quite simply and stubbornly, it makes me feel bound to doing something, making it no longer feel like my choice. Instead it is an iron fist that says, ‘your resolution was to go for a walk every day, you’ve got to do it or you’re failing.’ Yes, probably quite silly of me to look at it that way, but I think I react better to a ‘softly-softly’ approach. Therefore I’ll have goals/ aims/ hopes rather than resolutions. Then if I don’t fulfil them, I clearly didn’t want them badly enough and the iron fist won’t cripple my shoulder with guilt.

So here are my, by no means exhaustive, Goals/ Aims/ Hopes for 2015 (for want of a better word… that is not ‘resolutions’)

  • Wear the clothes that I want to wear. Continue to establish my style. No longer do I want to be constrained by what people may think or by my self confidence (or lack thereof). I love creating a style, so I want to trust my instincts and create my own petals.
  • Be good to my friends. This is not a ‘resolution’ because nothing will change from the present. It’s a ‘note to self,’ because they’ve been wonderful to me.
  • Find time to be outside… because outside is beautiful.
  • Maybe whilst enjoying this time outside, go running, be more active.
  • Learn more words. I love words so when I read one that sounds great I’ll find out what it means and how to use it. For example, ‘ignominious,’ – deserving or causing public disgrace or shame… ‘I will not be ignominious this year.’ Brilliant start!
  • Acquire a new skill. I’m leaving this fairly open. I dabbled in French, Ukulele and horse riding last year, this year why not work towards perfecting one of them… or find a new one. Learn to play squash for example, certainly doable!
  • I will continue to be more creative. I loved making things this Christmas, and I miss not painting or drawing as I used to do so often, so when I have a chunk of free time, I’ll use it wisely.
  • Travel somewhere new, because there is so much to see.
  • Lastly, keep writing. This means here on the blog and with my book and the future books that are mulling away in my head. This little blog of mine, I hope we’ll do great things this year.

Happy New Year. May it be a good one!

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  1. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Happy New Year!!

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