The Literary Collective Diaries… A Group of Eager Creatives Forms


In December I joined a writing group called The Literary Collective. It was ‘founded’ (that sounds far more professional than we are) by a friend who is wonderfully motivated and wanted to give herself the reason to write and receive feedback.

So there we were, six of us huddled in our living room, discussing writing and the kind of creative avenues we’d like to trundle down. We munched on a picky, Greek inspired feast with hummus, flat breads, olives and a feta salad flowing over our undersized plates followed by clementine cake for pudding. In the midst of our tea/wine/cake consumption and the mention of many of our desires to improve our knitting skills, we had to resist the urge to basically re-create the WI. Therefore, we attempted to refine our conversation to writing and what we all wanted from The Literary Collective, as we were thereafter named.

So, what do we want from our little Literary Collective? Well, as a keen writer myself, surrounding yourself with other, like-minded individuals could only feed that keenness. Writing classes can be excruciatingly expensive,  particularly in London, so airing your work, whatever it might be, to your peers is a great way to improve your writing. Writing is best when it is not done in isolation. Or at least, it cannot prosper in isolation as many of us write with the desire of inspiring and entertaining other minds, so we need to make sure that our ideas are understood outside the confines of our own brains.

This is why peer review is essential to new writers, and I would highly recommend it to other writers! One of the points that our founder wants to improve upon is the pace of her writing. I want to get character in my writing voice. Others might be looking to improve their grammatical configuration. Then others who are not so big on the writing front, but really like the sound of tea and cake and the discussion of writing works, will join us to offer their ideas. So not all of us will write, or can keep up with a monthly writing task, but I’m sure we’ll all be able to offer opinions, criticism and praise. We all have something we want to gain from these sessions, and I’m sure our writing will see the benefit.

So that’s the summary of The Literary Collective, the start of my Literary Collective Diary, if you will. I think it will be a great experience. Soon we will be submitting our first pieces of writing, some from prompts, some from real life, some from the inner workings of a mind finally open to the prospect of writing. I’ll explain it all to you, share our experience. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to form a group yourself, or maybe this ‘Diary’ can be a way to keep you writing, even if it is just for the hell of it. There’ll be more to come soon!


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