Oh Dior! Haute Couture S/S ’15

Dior couture is synonymous with elegance, attention to detail, embroidery and lace. So who would have thought that they’d turn up with Dior onesies… at their Haute Couture show, of all places. But, hey, when you’re working at the trusted House of Christian Dior, where better to throw in a curve ball?

Their bold onesies were among the first to kick off their Spring/Summer ’15 collection in Paris last week. The style had a vibrant, 60’s, futuristic vibe. These onesies-come-jump-suits-come-morph-suits are long way from the cuddly polar bear onesie you have tucked under your bed at home for sloppy Sundays. But the flowing, almost chaotic, asymmetric pattern, draws the eye in, and keeps it, transfixed.

Further to the brief flash of onesie, Dior exhibited their classic display of couture, throwing sequins everywhere, giving the pieces their iconic touch of luxury. Some sequin dresses glistened underneath beautifully detailed, clear plastic macs, like this printed pale green coat below. (I wish I could take this with me for a rainy day at Glastonbury this year, however, I fear I might be a touch out of place and pocket if I did… and as hot as a sauna.)

The 60’s vibe continued beyond the bold prints and seeped into the a-line, high-waist mini dresses. One of the waist details of the collection was the separation of the bodice and skirt sections, to be joined by a ring, or rings, as was the trend with some other their larger, more typically couture dresses. This detail, along with the presence of thigh-high patent boots, harked of the iconic Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, dress… mid-prostitute years. Though strikingly similar, the cut, shape and material is a far cry from the Red Light District.

 pretty woman








The stars of the show for me were the dresses that Dior is best known for; exquisite lace, full skirted and wonderfully sculpted. Below is my particular favourite, its almost gravity defying skirt would have a beautiful swish and bounce, and the hem,  its uneven line dictated by the fall of the lace flowers, is a lovely touch.

Finally, the show concluded with a handful of white couture dresses. Some beautifully structured, others displaying the popular trend (in both couture and ready-to-wear) of layering light, pleated materials. A similar trend was seen in Burberry, for example. Below, this stunning, fairy-light pleated skirt is adorned with precise ribbon bands.

Christian Dior, and their Artistic Director, Raf Simons, have put together a thought provoking and beautiful show, successfully combining romance with futurism. (I’ll be keeping my eye out for that coat… just in case.)


(Images courtesy of www.style.com)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Oh, do love that blue gown! Am not too sure about the futuristic onesies though…….can’t imagine we’re all headed this way……

    1. fayelucinda says:

      I can imagine some risqué celebs would go for it, but yes, it’s not my kinds look. Blue dress all the way!

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