Watercolour No.4 – Mr Hare

photo (6)

Say hello to Mr. Hare, the fourth in my watercolour paintings. Unlike my previous Sweet Peas, this painting relied on accuracy with the animals features to really bring him to life. I was able to be much freer with flowers. I do love, however, the confidence of allowing the backing paper to show through, avoiding that natural need to fill in all the space and paint Mr. Hare exactly as I saw him. On this note, I particularly like the ear, with its light spill of pink.

Looking back on the painting now, I wonder whether using a larger paint brush in areas where I do not have to work for the details would be beneficial. Though I like the dappled brush effect, making him look sweetly fluffy, using a larger brush, with larger sweeps of paint, might make the painting more abstract and stylistic. Something to play with another time!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the expression. Well done.

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Ah, thank you very much!

  2. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Oh, I really like this effect too……he’s quite visible and yet elusive.

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Thank you, that’s a really good way of putting it – visible yet elusive!

  3. This is amazing. You are so talented!

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Oww, thanks so much! I do like painting, so calming, I hope to get better and better with practice 🙂

  4. Wooow you are so amazing! I love art and this is just pure talent!


    1. fayelucinda says:

      Thank you very much!

  5. I love hares…. I love the way they looked a little bit wild eyed and not cute and fluffy like rabbits. Mr Hare has that look….lovely

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Well thank you very much! They certainly do look a bit more hardy then rabbits. Bit more mysterious too, I think. Thanks for the post 🙂

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