Help, Greenfly Invasion!

Dear WordPressers,

I come to you for advice! I have a persistent army of greenfly (or aphids) nibbling away at my one and only rose bush. I live in a flat, have a tiny balcony, and this little rose is my only hint towards a much longed for garden. Are these green critters actually hurting my plant? They like to cluster around the new shoots, which just seems mean to me, my rose really is trying its best to grow in the occasional spring sunshine!

What can I do?

I don’t want to get any pesticides, seems a bit much for creatures that are so small. I often squish them or flick them off, which I know is horrible and mean but they’re everywhere! And they return in greater numbers – as if the survivors leave, plot their revenge, then attack with new recruits! I have considered capturing lady bugs to come and have lunch here, but they seem pretty thin on the ground in my corner of London…in winter.

So, any words of advice would be much appreciated. Have you dealt with a similar infestation? Are they actually harming my rose?

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  1. designsweet says:

    My mother used to douse her roses with washing-up water… the washing-up liquid seems to do the trick! But capturing ladybirds would be a really good idea!

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Awesome. Yes, my mum mentioned doing that with a solution in a spray bottle, it didn’t really work so perhaps dousing it a bit more thoroughly will be better! And you know, a friend of mine has mentioned they have a ladybird infestation, maybe I can go round with a Tupperware and borrow a few! Thanks for your thoughts.

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