The 200th Anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo

This time 200 years ago, The Battle of Waterloo was fought. Under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Grande Armée sought to take Waterloo (formerly southern Brussels, Belgium) as part of Napoleon’s march towards European domination. It was an epic contest, fought between the French on one side and the British, led by Wellington, and the Prussians, led by Blucher, on the other.

Using the high terrain, the long grass and muddy conditions alongside the surrounding farms as fortification, the British managed to hold off the French army until the Prussian army arrived, which then saw them attack Napoleon’s advancing army from the east and the west. Divided, what remained of the French army and their Emperor, Napoleon, fled the battle, defeated.
…I knew very little about the battle until now. Today, on its 200th anniversary, I took the opportunity to find out about this moments event which saw Wellington secure Britain’s role as a lead player in Europe.

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