London Hotspot – 64degrees, a Foodie Destination

64degrees, image courtesy of

8 months ago, London’s Pimlico welcomed 64degrees. Already doing well in Brighton, this innovative restaurant uses the best of ingredients coupled with cooking methods which allow the food to do the talking. Bursting with beautiful flavours, the menu exhibits small fish, veg, meat and dessert dishes, which are encouraged to be shared between diners. Providing classic tastes alongside interesting, seasonal or uncommon ingredients such as marrow or whey, the menu offers all diners something they might fancy.

The atmosphere is calm and the staff accommodating. Situated on the ground floor of The Artists Residence Boutique Hotel, this restaurant does more than many other hotel affiliated eateries might do. In fact, you would be forgiven for actually forgetting the hotel’s existence. The shiny copper bar top, naked hung bulb lighting and open kitchen could place this restaurant in the middle of London’s Soho. Sit up at the bar if you’re feeling nosey, watch the chefs buzzing away happily, and have them serve you with an explanation of the dish they supply you, immaculately presented with vibrant colours on stunning plates. This is a place where you feel everything has been thought about very carefully and such an attitude is likely to affect the way you eat too. Being fairly pricey, with dishes starting at about £6 and scooting pretty quickly upwards, it is not a regular dinner pit stop. It is, however, worth every penny and fit for a special occasion. Having the opportunity to share dishes can actually end up making things pretty reasonable if you can be strict enough to pace yourself, and make sure you leave room for dessert!

Rainbow trout, whey, samphire £8.50

Gnocchi, parmesan, sage (on the specials menu and my absolute favourite) £6

Beef rump, morels, marrow £12.50

Citrus curd, crumble, Italian meringue £7

2 Comments Add yours

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Looks yummy! Why do your posts always make me hungry?

    1. FayeLucinda says:

      Ha, at least this time it’s not ALL sugary baked goods this time. That gnocchi was melt in the mouth…now I’m hungry!

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