Hand-Made Christmas Decorations… Ice Skating Boots!

It’s Christmas… that means Christmas craft. I sat down to watch a film one evening (I’d like to think it was a Christmas one, but it probably wasn’t) and made these sweet, simple Ice Skating Boots to hang on my tree.

photo (4)

You will need –

  • At least two colours of felt (I chose dark brown, red and green)
  • Thick thread, the same shade as one of your felt colours (I chose the brown)
  • Large paper clips
  • Cotton wool
  • (You will also need scissors, pins and craft needles with a larger hole if you have thick thread as I had)

Get Crafty –

Firstly, make a paper template for your skate boot, approximately two inches long by three inches high. Pin this template to a piece of folded felt, with the sole of the boot along the folded side. Cut around it, leaving a couple millimetres around the edge… then it’s easier to get it even.

photo 1

Remove the template and stitch together on each side. (there will be no seam needed on the base/sole.) Preferably, use thick thread, it’ll leave a lovely pattern. If, however, you don’t have thick thread or your stitching is a bit untidy then you can turn it inside out to hide it.

Then stuff it with cotton wool, either inside out or as it is.

photo 2

Cut out a strip of felt for the trim, about a centimetre wide, and a similar loop to hang it. Secure these with pins then stitch thoroughly along the top, encasing the cotton wool at the same time. Your thread should be the same colour as this trim, so it’ll be largely unseen.

Stitch the laces in a criss-cross pattern on the front, spanning over the seam, and tie in a bow.

Finally make a small hole with a pin in the sole of the boot, towards the toe end. Then slide in the large paper clip, and there, you have attached the skate!

photo (5)

These are lovely, simple and really effective.


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