Watercolour No. 6 – Little Duckling

It is grey and wet in London today so I thought I’d post this, my little watercolour duckling, who would, I have no doubt, have a great time paddling about in the drizzle if given the opportunity.

I have certainly seen a positive development from my first watercolour, Mr Robin, through a few different techniques to land on this. I have found that it is a real skill to be confident in using the blank of the white page as part of the painting, something I would never do if working with my more comfortable medium, acrylics.

(P.s. This Duckling can be for my Mother who loves ducks, we used to have seven when I was younger and lived in the countryside… here’s a little one for you Muma.)

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  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Actually…(I hate to oust your mother from being the recipient of this fine piece), but I actually think you’ve got enough little guys for a baby’s nursery here now! You really ought to think about putting them together and marketing them. I know you think you’re not there yet, but truthfully, these have all been darling! I think they would go very well in today’s minimalist decor market!

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Oh thanks! That’s a really lovely idea, thank you for saying. I have begun a few that are consistent with this style (they’ll pop up here over the next couple of weeks!) and was considering little post card collections or something similar, but you’re right, a nursery would be a fitting home too. Hmmm, food for thought! Thank you!

  2. ~ Sadie ~ says:

    Love your watercolors & love the ducky the best!! And I think that is a great idea, to start marketing them as a set, especially for nurseries & maybe even day care centers or pediatricians’ offices 🙂

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Thank you! Yes, I’m certainly going to look into it. And now I have something to work towards too for my next little ones!

  3. You are so, so talented! I can barely draw a sun, let alone create something like this. I can’t stop staring at the little ducking.

    xx naomi – Naomi in Wonderland

    1. fayelucinda says:

      Haha, ah, thank you so much, glad you like the little guy! I feel like I’m always learning with watercolours, they can be tricky, but I certainly enjoy it. Thanks for ducking in 🙂

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